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RFI/EMC Shielded Windows


Who Are We?

Slater Plastics have been manufacturing high quality optical filters for 25 years. Selling to a global customer base, these products are manufactured to suit individual customer requirements or specifications and can be made from allyl carbonate, acrylic, polycarbonate and glass.


All filters can be manufactured to include screen printing and RFI shielding.


Filters can be manufactured to include many characteristics including; contrast enhancement, reflection control, impact strength, fire specifications, abrasion and solvent resistance, polarisation and combinations of properties.

RFI/EMC Shielded Windows

These are the highest performing Shielded windows for use on any style of display. 

Produced to the highest quality and made to meet your application requirements.

CAST ADC Windows
tinted windows.JPG

High grade optical polymer windows for displays of all types. Abrasion and chemical resistant with; clear, tinted, gloss, matt and printed options.

Form in Place Gaskets
form in place gasket 1.JPG

Silicone based conductive or non conductive gaskets, extruded directly on to your 


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