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 Cast Allyl Carbonate  ( ADC ) Filter Windows.

 Slater Plastics produces the highest quality cast ADC sheet material from 1 mm to 6 mm thick, in house from ADC monomer. We then use this sheet to produce   our optical filters. These filters can be RFI / EMC shielded windows, standard clear filters, tinted for contrast enhancement or printed as facia panels.

 ADC has a series of properties, which makes it ideal for the production of filter windows and fascia panels. This material is equivalent to CR39.

 Properties include :

  • Less than half the weight of glass

  • Bright surfaces and light transmissions close to optical glass


  • Refractive index close to that of crown glass


  • High impact strength


  • Remarkable abrasion resistance ( approximately 20 times that of acrylic )


  • Resistance to pitting from hot metal sparks, 30 - 40 times higher than glass and other plastics


  • Excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, petro chemicals and to all solvents including aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons


  • Easy surface tinting


  • Better scratch resistance than hard coated plastics


  •  Resistance to distortion by temperatures up to 130 ° C, a temperature at which acrylic resins are melted


  •  U.V. absorbers can be added to help protect LCD displays in strong sunlight


 All of our windows are machined on highly accurate high speed CNC routers.

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