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Acrylic Filters


Acrylic filters are often used for larger displays and also where contrast enhancement is required ( due to the large range of tints available ). For these filters we use a high grade cast acrylic which can be obtained down to 0.5 mm thick.


The large range of tints available allows specific wavelengths to be transmitted. This can be used to contrast enhance, colour correct or produce band pass filters. Infra -  red filters are also manufactured to block visible light and transmit IR at around 90%.


All acrylic filters can be finished with a hard coat, for abrasion and solvent resistance, which can be applied as a gloss or matt surface.


Polycarbonate Filters


Polycarbonate is usually used when impact strength or fire retardance is required. These filters are made from proprietary sheet material and normally coated with a hard coat to give abrasion and solvent resistance.


Properties of the polycarbonate will depend on the selected grade.



Available Coatings For Acrylic and Polycarbonate


A range of optical coatings are available for the surfaces of acrylic and polycarbonate filters. Coatings can offer a selection of the following characteristics ;


  • Abrasion resistance


  • Solvent resistance


  • Anti - glare ( matt coating )


  • Anti – mist ( polycarbonate only )


  • Anti - Newton ring


  • Multi - layer anti - reflective ( limited to a small range of product )

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